Dirty Hands

Thank you Pastor Steve for the opportunity to share God’s Word.  It is so incredible to see the power behind His Word!

Here he is, King David, ruler over all of Israel.  He had been hunted down by his predecessor, King Saul, for years yet held no contempt for him. He knew that Saul was God’s anointed king and that God would remove him when He chose to do so. King David killed the man taking credit for Saul’s death as well as the two assassins that killed Ish-bosheth.

And now he wants to show the kindness of God to “anyone” from Saul’s family. He wasn’t looking for the qualified or the worthy – he was simply looking for “anyone”. Isn’t it great to see that “King” David didn’t put his hand down to help Mephibosheth. When looking at the interaction between the two, he was simply referred to as “David”.  It is easy to see the humility of Mephibosheth as he was crippled and bowed several times yet the King’s humility is evident when he takes off his “king’s hat” and is simply David.

David wasn’t just throwing him a bone or throwing money at Mephibosheth but rather was bringing him in as one of his sons. The kindness that David showed was unconditional and free. There were no strings attached. There was no financial or social gain for David. He was simply showing the kindness of God.

Are we showing that same kindness?  Are we humbling ourselves to the point of reaching our hand “out” and not “down”?  Are we getting out of our comfort zones?  Are we making room in our day to live our neighbor?  Are we getting our hands dirty?

Church – we have it in us!  The flooding last June saw a lot of us getting our hands dirty loving our neighbors. Those going to and supporting the mission trip to Uganda are on board. Those coaching an Upward team (specifically those without a child playing) are loving their neighbor. Those preparing meals for a family in need are loving their neighbor. So many of us are loving our neighbor, my charge is that this becomes a part of our everyday lives!


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