July 25

Psalm 81,84

Sing for joy and for God’s great love, forever!

I love to sing. In fact, I have grown up all my life surrounded by music. My grandparents and parents taught me to love music at a young age. Music has become such a wonderful part of my life and a way for me to give back to my heavenly father the joy that he has given to me through music.

As you read these passages, you find that God has done so much for his people. We should respond back with singing and shouting of joy from our hearts.

The psalmist declares, “how lovely is his dwelling place” that it should cause our hearts to yearn for the courts of heaven (84:1). They are to declare the faithfulness of God through all generations.

Where is your joy today? Is it in things of this earth, or do you yearn for the things and joy of heaven? “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere” (84:10). Let your joy overflow into singing of his praise.

Let the music begin. Father, thank you for the gift of music, and may my voice raise up joy to you. May I yearn for your courts and declare your faithfulness to my generation, and generations to come. Amen


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