September 25

Isaiah 61

A1980’s hit movie and series, “The Highlander,” made quite a run in the sci-fi entertainment world.

The storyline was that of a man who was an immortal, but did not know this fact until he was killed and surprisingly came back to life. Later he finds out that within this species of immortals only a single person could be the immortal. Therefore, if another arrived on the scene (I don’t know how that came about), there would be a fight to the death. At the end of the ruckus, the Highlander would always state, “There can only be one.”

From a theological standpoint, the Highlander was right, but it was definitely not him. It was, it is, and will always be Jesus the Christ. In his book “New Testament Theology,” Dr. Frank Stagg claims, “The New Testament clearly represents Jesus struggling with the question of his own identity and mission.” Please hear this: If Jesus struggled with who he was, then mankind is big trouble. Jesus took time revealing himself as the Messiah, but that was only because it was not time yet.

In Isaiah 61, part of the work of the Messiah was revealed. After “the Spirit of the LORD GOD” is laid upon him, he would “bring good news to the poor,” “heal the brokenhearted,” and give “freedom to the captives.” After Jesus had been baptized, and the “Holy Spirit descended on him” (Luke 3:22), on a common day in the Temple, Jesus was asked to preach and give commentary on this very passage. His only annotation to the people was “Today as you have listen, this Scripture has been fulfilled” (Luke 4:21).

When it comes to being the Messiah, there can only be One!


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