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  • its a god thing

    One of Those God Things

    More than 25 years ago, Dee’s younger sister was 14-years old and loving her youth group.  Before their new youth pastor came to town she was only slightly involved with Simpson Creek Baptist Church but under the leadership of this new guy, the youth group was vibrant again.  Jennifer (Dee’s sister) would share with me […]

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  • TheShack Review5

    Movie Review: The Shack

    I’m not Roger Ebert, but a lot of people have asked me my opinion on the recently released movie entitled, The Shack.  I hadn’t really planned to see the show, but due to its religious nature, and because there is sooooo much theology being taught by the movie, I figure it’s probably wise for me […]

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  • no-xxx

    Every Click Matters

    Were you aware that internet advertising is driven by how many views a web page receives? It’s almost hard to believe, but every website can track how many people view its content on a daily, even a minute-by-minute, basis.  For example, just on our church website alone, we can see how many people are watching […]

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  • mission trips suitcase

    What We Can Learn

    I think one of the best things this church has done for itself has been to send me on a mission trip every year.  There are few things that train a pastor better than immersing himself in a culture unlike his own and seeing how other churches around the world live out the Great Commission.  […]

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  • prayer hands

    Imprecatory Psalm

    Last Sunday we learned the word “imprecatory.”  Some of us heard that word for the first time.  It simply means to pray evil against, pronounce curses against, or to call down curses on someone. We find David praying an imprecatory psalm 14 times.  In some instances such as Psalm 69, David requests God’s damnation on […]

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  • Dirty Hands

    Thank you Pastor Steve for the opportunity to share God’s Word.  It is so incredible to see the power behind His Word! Here he is, King David, ruler over all of Israel.  He had been hunted down by his predecessor, King Saul, for years yet held no contempt for him. He knew that Saul was […]

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  • hello my name is janna

    This Is Janna

    I may be a stranger to you but FBCK is not a stranger to me. My name is Janna Salyers. Even though most of you don’t know me, I am thankful for you. I joined Kenova as a member in the fall of 2013 to work as an intern in the Wednesday night kid’s ministry […]

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  • Picking a Fight with the Wrong Guy

    Just after Saul’s death, the people of Judah, David’s family tribe, immediately recognized him as king.  But the rest of Israel didn’t take to David right away.  The other eleven tribes supported Saul’s son, Ish-Bosheth. So for seven years, Israel actually had two kings. Both kings had their own 5-star generals.  Ish-Bosheth’s army was led […]

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  • puzzle-piece

    Your Part in a Student’s Life

    There is a great reminder of our role as parents in 1 Samuel 1. In this Bible story we read that Hannah was barren. She prayed to God and vowed to give her child to the Lord if she would conceive. God granted her request and Hannah gave birth to Samuel. She made good on […]

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  • everysingledayot

    Every Single Day

    Four months ago we had a dream that we would get at least 100 other churches to join our congregation in daily walking through the Word of God for the next two years.  As I shared that vision with a few other pastors, the word began to spread, devotions were written and now a book […]

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